Coming Soon in FALL 2018

Graze-On provides a NATURAL--- DOUBLE PUNCH

Organic Pasture Fertilizer & Herbicide – ALL IN ONE

While Graze-On fertilizes the soil making it more alkaline, it will prevent weeds from germinating.

Corn Gluten Meal (CGM) is a NATURAL by-product from the wet milling process of corn. It contains 60% protein and is used as a supplement in feeds for livestock, poultry and pets. (Perfectly safe if ingested) During research at Iowa State University, a professor of horticulture discovered its preemergence herbicide and fertilization properties. Sunflower Hull Ash is a NATURAL residue resulting from full combustion of the sunflower.  It contains a variety of nutrients that are considered a good complex of potassium and   phosphorus.  This NATURAL alkaline mineral fertilizer successfully competes with chemical fertilizers, showing the lack of any chlorine compounds that are harmful to crops, grasses, fruits and vegetables.  


• Slow release Nitrogen

• Combination of soluble and extended release organic Potash and Phosphorus

• Organic source

• Contains simple sugars for extra microbe stimulations

• An extremely efficient source of Potash


20 lbs. of GRAZE-ON per (1) acre

Perfect for pastures that are being rotated out and Grass Hayfields after harvested.

 Apply Spring thru Fall.